Ecological-Community Psychology (ECO) conferences are regional events, usually organized by graduate students, that allow community psychologists and other like-minded people from applied and academic settings to gather. Sometimes, these events are stand-alone meetings, and sometimes they happen within a larger conference.

This year’s Midwest ECO is hosted by DePaul University. The theme for the conference is “Building Diverse Communities for Change,” focusing on engaging and building diverse perspectives with the goal of social action and change. Diversity is emphasized in the stakeholders involved—practitioners, community members, academics, and others—, the identity characteristics welcomed and acknowledged for their strengths, as well as the diverse systems and ideologies mobilized. As such, this year’s conference emphasizes sharing ways in which we enlist the collaboration of entities that may have different beliefs and experiences, incorporating knowledge of the context in which diverse groups function, and ways in which we work together despite differences and find common ground, question, and explore to create change.

The organizers for this year’s conference are:

Crystal Steltenpohl, MA
Amy Anderson, M.S.Ed.
Kelly Collins
Eric Peist
Amber Pham
Martina Mihelicova
Christopher Whipple

Midwest Eco 2016 is proud to be sponsored by the Irwin W. Steans Center at DePaul University. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.


For more information about ECO conferences, please visit the Society for Community Research and Action, Division 27 of the American Psychological Association.